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AllStar Node using the Baofeng 888

Baofeng 888 Allstar Node

AllStar Node using the Baofeng 888

I recently helped a few guys setting their AllStar node (configuring the RPi and all this stuff) and I wanted to have one for myself.
The required hardware for that project are Raspberry Pi, Transceiver, some kind of URI to control the PTT and Audio.
Although I have a DMK URI (the recommended one for AllStar), I wanted to try the USB soundcard hack.
I found WA3DSP’s tutorials very useful.


The main tutorial
Baofeng 888 mod

Please note that on the USB FOB mod, you should look down on the “Futher Information” section to get the scheme PDF.
You’ll find what chip is compatible, I used a CM108.

On the Baofeng mod, I got the newer version of the board and connected the COS line as shown in the “Update!” section (no need to desolder the antenna connector etc.)

My changes


So, I changed a few components…
Here’s the list:

Original ComponentI usedLinks to buy
Baofeng 888sAmazon
CM108 USB Sound CardAmazon
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+Amazon

Also, I didn’t use 68k on the Baofeng for the audio out line.


I decided to give up on the DB25 connectors and connect the USB directly to the Baofeng 888.

More stuff

In the Baofeng 888, you’ll have to desolder the white LED to make room for the cable to go through. I also had to file the hole a little bit due the size of my cable.


What you see in the pictures is before cutting all the legs of the components and making it looks good. sorry 🙂

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