Speedtest Tracker

Speedtest Tracker

Speedtest Tracker

For a long time I’m trying to find a way to measure the stability of my new Fiber connection and keep an eye on the speed I’m getting.
Considering the fact that I already have a NAS running 24/7, I decided to find a way to run a speedtest on my NAS.

I had a few available options, the first one is to use a Jail on TrueNAS and the second one is to find a Docker image and run it on my Docker VM.
The easier way was to go with Docker and indeed I found an image on Docker Hub called henrywhitaker3/speedtest-tracker which does exactly what I wanted.

You can set the interval for running a test, log everything in an InfluxDB instance, get a notification for every test or get a daily average on Telegram bot.


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