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New tool

Hello all!

I’ve been working on a new tool for Ham Radio and now it’s finished (almost 🙂  just have a few bugs left)

What is it and how to use it?

Just upload your log ( in ADIF format, didn’t try a big log) and enter your Loc.

After finishing processing your log, you’ll see your best DX and how far it is.

You can also see all your QSO’s on map and click on them to see details.


Known bugs:

  • Info window will stay opened even if you clicked on another QSO.
  • Don’t know how it will preform with bigger logs with hundreds and thousands of QSO’s.
  • Times in info window shows as UTC but it’ll write your timezone along which is wrong.

What to add in the future:

  • List of X QSO’s ordered by distance.


Please send me feedbacks to 4x5mg[at]inphoto.co.il

I want to know if worked for you! so don’t send only about bugs 🙂

73! de Ido 4X5MG

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